November 21, 2011

a day on earth.

Daylesford was the perfect setting for the surreally moody performance the weather put on for us this weekend. The dark and eerily lit forrest could easily have been the town of Twin Peaks instead of country Victoria. Here we breathed the freshest of fresh air, tasted the worlds most delicious vegetable pasties (I'm putting it out there!) and marveled at the industrial collectable delights that was David Bromley's Shed. Such an awesome fun filled day and a feast for the imagination. See you again soon Daylesford! 


  1. This looks magical Kym, beautiful photos.
    Wish I was in that second last photo right now!

  2. Thanks Lil. Although I can only take credit for art directing the last 2 photos (screaming at Ben, 'quick take photos of the eerie light!') while driving at 100km :)