July 29, 2012

he liked dan a lot.

Trying to ignore aching feet, we tackled the mammoth Centre Pompidou one afternoon in Paris. And yes it was huge and incredible to look at both inside and out. I don't even think we covered it all. A retrospective exhibition celebrating contemporary painter Gerhard Richter was the major draw card, and incredible to see most of his body of work all in the one space. Above are some pictures from the permanent collection, I didn't document my photos very well ... but included we saw matisse, picasso, miro, dix, ernst, kandinsky, duchamp, man ray, calder, ruscha and many many more.

May 22, 2012

spots & circles.

A few new friends have graced my wardrobe thanks to a recent birthday present and looming os holiday. Sensibly, most people would pocket birthday cash to spend overseas. I freak out and buy myself a travel wardrobe... 

circle earrings by Peta Kruger (a new love affair is born), cords Dress Up & spot top from shameable high street store that won't be mentioned.

May 15, 2012


In love with the stunning tactile woven type by MaricorMaricar who are also part of this exhibition I'm really excited about.


On one of the first warm weekends of Autumn, I finally got around to planting a vege and herb garden on our balcony. The pots were collected 6 months ago, but had to wait for the right time to plant for the next season. 4 weeks later and my little plants are still alive (phew!) with miniature cauliflowers and peas starting to sprout. Hopefully they keep it coming to harvest and EAT in a few months time!

April 26, 2012


Interesting image making by photographer Alex Dubois. Also founder of cool fashion/art mag FAINT. Check it!


Watching the mood accompanying the weather dramatically change. Lucky we made cover before the torrential rain hit. There's something otherworldly about Autumn on the coast.