October 18, 2011

freunde von freunden.

 I've had a thing for Kelsey Brookes art for awhile now. I couldn't decide if I thought it was incredibly awesome or I was simply drawn in by it's chemistry. It really is madness, the colour, mixture of styles, and childlike abstraction. I love what he has said about his art here "... completely self-taught. I mean, you can tell, right? Look at these paintings.They’re a fucking nightmare. No person in their right mind would tell you to paint like this." 
What's awesome is his humble attitude and it's interesting how he 'fell into' art. Discovered this on the site Freunde von freunden. Not too clear on my Deutch but I'm taking a wild stab it means 'friend of friend'. They have lots of great interviews with creative folk. Check it out!

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