September 29, 2011

sparkle motion.

Someone had to bring something bright and shinny to today.
I've been feeling pretty crafty of late so out came the sewing machine to tackle a few projects. Not having sewn for a number of years (maybe 10+...) I was a little worried, about my skills (lack of)... but. it was a piece of cake! Just like riding a bike*.
This number was inspired by the Marni sparkle pouch. Not so dainty and pretty, mine somehow turned into a giant sparkling monster.. But there's nothing like too much sparkle to warm you and your outfit up.

*easy if you're sewing a rectangle and this did not happen without a few cuts and bruises incurring along the way, in the form of broken needles, mismatching liner, torn inlay and obscenities yelled. often.


  1. Love it, it turned out perfect! I hope this bright sparkly piece of goodness cheered you up x

  2. Thank-you! it is a bit monstrous but definitely did the trick that day.